Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Week One - Principles for 2018

I was perusing my journal and found where I had recorded 15 principles from the Jose Navajo book, Monday Mornings with my Old Pastor.  They are perfect for the start of a New Year.
Fifteen Principles
1.     Everything begins with loving God.
2.     Watch over and preserve your family.
3.     Spend quality time in your Bible.
4.     You either love those you serve, or you will stop serving them.
5.     You are valuable – be YOU.
6.     Be willing to forgive.
7.     Always stay grounded and levelheaded.
8.     Make prayer a habit.
9.     Laugh as much as you can—it heals.
10. Greatness is knowing how to be humble.
11. Faithful – respond faithfully to the One who has chosen you.
12. Learn the tremendous value of trials and difficulties.
13. Never make changes in the night.  Wait for morning.  Don’t make changes during times of storms.
14. Honesty – above all.  And integrity of self.
15. Form a team.  The key to effectiveness is not in doing the work, but in recognizing who the right person is to do it – delegate.
            “When life turns hard, and darkness hovers around you: when the slope seems too steep and the weight becomes too much, return to these principles—everything is by grace, which will sustain forever.”  (p 180)
            2018 is an unwritten chapter, but we need not fear.  God is already there!  Ours is to go forward enjoying all He has prepared, to face the challenges by faith calling upon His grace and wisdom, and to serve Him with gladness.  2018 is God’s gift, blessing, and increase.  Let’s choose to see the beauty and enjoy it!

Happy New Year

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