Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Week One - Adjust

Every year I have a word, and this year is no exception.

My word for 2023 is adjust. In the Christmas story, we see Mary adjusting her life, allowing God to move her plans around. She shared her unexpected joy with Elizabeth, who was also adjusting. Joseph faced adjustment, and even Jesus adjusted his life to the Father's will by taking on the form of man. I'm sure they each had moments of hesitation and questioning, but they accepted their calling and moved forward in obedience to cooperate with God's plan. Adjusting takes a great deal of cooperation if we are to do it well!

When we know God is calling us to a measure of obedience or opportunity of service, do we adjust our lives and cooperate? Or do we keep trying to make God fit into our plan, wanting to desperately hold on to what  we have instead of releasing it and adjusting to the new normal? We miss God's best when we refuse to change or yield. 

Mary adjusted - and we can be so thankful she did. Her obedience affected history! Maybe we should ask ourselves who might be affected by our obedience? Or - to whom is our disobedience a stumbling block? That’s something to consider, isn’t it?

I am facing a 2023 that will challenge my level of adjusting. We are preparing for a 12 month furlough and hoping we cover all our bases, while we try to figure out housing, transport, and schedule for months of travel ahead. 2023 will take a lot of adjusting. Experience has taught me that I come through best when I cooperate with God and obediently adjust my will to His.

This challenges me to remember my word from 2022 - purpose. All things happen according to the purpose of God's will. If I truly believe God is the planner and designer of my life, if I believe He works all things for my good and according to His will, then adjusting shouldn't be such an effort but a joyful anticipation of what He has in store.

2023 is unknown for all of us. Let's pray we can cooperate with God and set our hearts and attitudes to adjust in joyful obedience.

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