Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Week Fifty-Two - The Family Tree

Have you noticed the number of times the Bible lists a person's lineage? Even the Christmas story in the book of Matthew starts with Jesus' family tree all the way back to Adam.

As I read my devotion book, it spoke of our link to Bible characters and how we are a part of something bigger.

Henry Blackaby writes, "When God encountered Moses, He did not give him an assignment independent of what He had done through those who had preceded him. God had made promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob hundreds of years earlier, and He was now going to involve Moses in His ongoing activity to fulfill the covenant he had made with Moses' forefathers. The God who led Moses, who worked through Elijah, who directed Paul, who guided each man and woman of God through the centuries, is the same God who approaches you to become involved in His work."

Isn't that a fantastic thought? God has used every man and woman throughout history to complete His plan. Some of them are recorded for us in history, but as Hebrews 11 reminds us, "time would fail to tell" of them all. But even what they experienced, their part in God's plan, as we are told in Hebrews 11:40, is not complete without us. So even if we see ourselves as a tiny blip on the timeline, we are still linked to something bigger and invited to be involved in the work of God.

Blackaby continues, "We tend to think only of the present. Moses came to understand that his involvement in God's work was in the context of hundreds of years of divine activity."

God has a plan and a purpose; I am a part of that, and as His child, so are you. 

Dear friend, this encourages me to keep going. As sure as God spoke to Moses or Paul, He speaks to me. As intentionally as He instructed Mary and Joseph, He directs me. As much as God had a plan for Abigail or Naaman's maid, He has a plan for me - and for you.

Today is our moment in time. These have all gone before us, leaving an example of faithfulness. 

Now my heart sings, "may all who come behind us find us faithful!" We are leaving an example of faith for those who will come after us. We are connected to past believers and future believers. If that doesn't humble you and bring the necessity of your faithfulness into perspective, you are missing the point. God has an eternal purpose for you - you are a part of His family tree. So, stay faithful, be involved, and leave a godly example for those behind you.

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