Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Week Two - Out of the Saltshaker

Jesus lovingly met people where they were, drew them with kindness, and went about doing good. Consequently, they came seeking Him, and He spoke truth to them. Oh, how we need to learn His skill.

I started reading Rebecca Pippert's book, Out of the Saltshaker and into the World, just before Christmas. I found it so refreshing, challenging, and instructive on evangelism. 

She reminded me to see people as divine appointments and take the risk to speak for Christ. If I look beneath the crust to hear the cry of their hearts, I will see their need. 

So many people are "frantically looking for the right things in all the wrong places." We miss opportunities if we wait until we have all the answers or find healing for our hurts, "It may well be that one of the first steps toward our own healing will come when we reach out to someone else."

Isn't she right? Many people are hurting and looking for answers in all the wrong places. It is easy to sit complacently and take care of number one without concern for those around us, but we must "love them with the baggage they bring." God loved us that way, didn't He? 

Even this morning, my heart was pricked as I prayed for a dear friend who has yet to come to Christ. I pray for his salvation, but at the same time, I sense a fear of speaking up. Why? Because it could be embarrassing? Because I don't want him to feel uncomfortable? And yet I sit in my little corner praying and rejoicing for all God has done in my life and withhold that blessing from him? Surely that is wrong!

Coming to Christ was the most significant that ever happened in my life. Knowing Him makes me fully me in a beautiful Spirit-filled way. So why would I not rejoice to invite others into the same relationship?

"To have no time (or motivation) to be the aroma of Christ to an unbelieving neighbor, friend, or colleague means we aren't taking seriously God's command to go and make disciples." We can't remain insulated and isolated when commanded to penetrate the world with the gospel (Matthew 28:19, 20).

So the challenge ahead of us is to get out of the saltshaker, dear friend. Don't be afraid to be different, to be salt and light. Speak up and see what God can do through you! Let your little light shine. Look for ways to naturally bring Christ into conversations. Don't push and shove; just let them see a difference in how you love others, use kind words, control yourself, and show up for those divine appointments, those opportunities to shake a bit of salt about!

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