Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Week Thirteen - Unburdened

Beside the Well
            I have a few books on my Kindle I have read while travelling.  But if it weren’t for my journaling, I would have no way to record what I have read because I’m no good at marking the computer books.  Even though I can colour the text and put in marks, I can’t seem to go back and find what I am looking for.   I much prefer a real book where I can make notes and my visual mind can recall where to find them.  Anyway, I came across some quotes I had copied out of a book called Unburdened, by Chris Tiegreen.  Great book, by the way!  Let’s think about them together.
            “The burdened personality is preoccupied with achieving personal plans and purposes as well as compensating for emotional wounds.  It is also worried about the future, protective of its own ego, defensive and easily offended.”
            “The unburdened personality is unconcerned with personal agendas and trusts God with the future. It is emotionally healthy, humble, unpretentious and not easily offended.”
            “The burdened heart is focused on getting and keeping what it wants and needs; the unburdened one reflects on open-heart and open-hand mentality.  In other words, generous people who aren’t trying to hang on to what is theirs are able to live in freedom”  (Kindle p 1661 – that’s the best I can do to indicate the location).
            That challenges me.  Can I keep balance in life so things don’t burden me down?  Would I describe myself as emotionally healthy all of the time?  Where is my focus?  Am I trying to make life work or working with life?  Am I pushing and shoving or resting and trusting?  Do I get offended when my plans are thwarted?  Or can I give and take?  Do I live in the realization that since God began the work in me, it is up to Him to complete it, or do I live as though the whole burden of life depended on my accomplishments?
            One of his suggestions on working at becoming less burdened was,  “Make a contract with yourself not to do and think the things that bring unnecessary weight to your life.  Enforce that decision in your daily, moment-by-moment choices.  Whenever you start to feel the need to maneuver and manage, remind yourself that it’s unnecessary and resist it.  Whenever the burdens you cling to threaten your peace, just let go.”  (1689)
            Disney’s song pops into my head!  Let it go!  Such a simple instruction, but one with such freedom.  If something is burdening me down with unnecessary trouble and upset, I need to let it go.  If it is a thing outside my sphere of control or responsibility, I need not be burdened by it.  If it is something that is turning me into a monster, I need to let it go.

            Here’s the amazing thing.  Letting it go doesn’t mean I am shirking my responsibility.  It simply means I am recognizing Who has the ultimate power to carry my burdens.  I have a shoulder to lean on.  I don’t have to carry my burdens alone.  I really don’t have to be burdened down with them at all.  I have seen God work in amazing ways when I let go of control, turn it over to Him in prayer, and wait to see what He will do.  I’m glad I recorded these quotes.  They are a great reminder.  Let it go, Gail!

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