Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week Eleven - The Offer

Beside the Well
            Pastor Gritts said, “The world offers you nothing; but God offers you the world.”  I don’t know if I can adequately write what this meant to me, but I am going to try.
            The world offers us nothing.  All that is in the world will pass away. Yes, we can have fun, accumulate stuff, get a measure of prestige and possible fame, but all of that will pass away as fast as it came. It is all temporary. 
            Now, I’m not saying we should live as hermits or just be paupers.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t get an education and advance in life.  What I am saying is the world really holds nothing compared to what Christ can give.  “All the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her [wisdom]”  (Proverbs 3:15).
            The thought that caught my attention was the second part of Pastor’s statement.  “God offers you the world.”  When we give our lives to Him He opens a window of limitless possibilities.  There is no limit to where God can take me, what He can give me, or what amazing things He can do with my surrendered life.  Beyond that, all that is of any real value in the world becomes mine, because it is His—His to give.  I am truly rich in Christ. 
            I live in complete freedom.  The only restraints on me, besides natural ones of time and human strength, are those I keep as I seek to live in accordance to His Word.  Even those are not truly restraints; they are principles that keep me in the place of blessing.  They are wisdom for pathways to more possibilities.
            When I look at the world I do not see things I can’t have.  I own it all already.  When I look at the world, it doesn’t tempt me to get more stuff or seek some sort of recognition, I have all the stuff I need and my standing in Christ is more than enough recognition.

            God’s offer of the world is an amazing thing.  It makes me want to stand tall and walk with confidence.  Why grovel in the dirt when we are already king of the mountain?

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