Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Week Six - Positive Reinforcement

What makes you happy and lifts your spirits? This can be different for each of us. I am lifted by times with friends and a delicious iced coffee. Tom has been taking me to a little coffee shop called Skooters with a fantastic caramel iced coffee. It just makes me smile with every sip.

Another thing that makes me laugh is the game show The Price is Right. I have fun guessing the prices and enjoy watching the competitors' reactions. I've always loved game shows and playing board games.

Some people get positive reinforcement from food. Some gain strength from hugs, music, or family. I know others who need shopping therapy. They enjoy the search, the scents, and the bargains. For others, just knowing they did a good job or learned a skill to meet a goal is their happy place. While others enjoy puzzles, sports, or even a good walk.

Whatever you use to regain a positive outlook, lift your spirits, or make you happy, I hope you recognize that they are temporary. I should only drink one iced coffee. A steady diet of them, and they would lose their attraction. The same goes for almost anything we enjoy. All things are to be enjoyed in moderation, right?

How quickly something we enjoy today can be spoiled by overuse. But I have found this same principle does not apply to the Lord. Why? Because He is always fresh and new. His mercies are renewed every morning. He is the everlasting spring of refreshment and positive reinforcement. 

The positivity of the Lord is directed to us with patient perseverance. His thoughts toward us are more than the number of the sand and always for our good. We are loved with an everlasting love that always outlasts my iced coffee.

Dear friend, if you want something to lift your spirits, don't settle for a cup of coffee or a temporary fix. Bring yourself to the everlasting well of life where you will never thirst again. Let your heavenly Father be your eternal source of positive reinforcement.

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