Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Week Twenty-Six - Equality

Equality is a rather dynamite word, but it’s a subject we can’t avoid.  God doesn’t avoid it either.  He has plenty to say, and we might be surprised about what He says.


First, let’s admit that inequality is throughout the Bible. People were sold, enslaved, mistreated, and abused. God doesn’t try to hide the results of sin. 


But I don’t want to talk about that today.  I want us to try to get a truly biblical perspective on this idea of equality.  When we do, I think it will significantly affect our attitudes and actions.  It’s an elementary lesson, but one we too often try to complicate.


Are we all equal? That is the question.  And the answer is, yes.  That answer does not negate the roles within which we work, i.e., positions in the home or at work.  Equality does not mean we are all free to do as we wish or thwart authority.


I believe God’s word teaches we are all equal in three equally specific ways.


First, we all have equal access to God.  God waits to hear from all of us in prayer.  He knocks at the door of our hearts wanting access and fellowship.  All any of us have to do is call upon Him.  For the sinner, He wants to hear the call for forgiveness.  For the Christian, He wants the daily and moment by moment fellowship.  God does not turn us away.  We might refuse to come, but He always stands ready to hear and answer.  The only barrier to anyone’s access to Him is sin which is unforgiven, and the sin that pulls us away from Him.  But He is always near, always there, always willing.  We all have equal access.


Then, we all have an equal value to God.  He is no respecter of persons.  To Him, there is no Jew or Greek, no male nor female; all are the same.  He sees us as valuable because He is our Creator.  Everything He created was good. 


God is not color-blind.  He created variety, individuality, and uniqueness. Every one of His creations is special, unique, and valuable. To be valuable means having worth.  So much worth, that God sent His Son to redeem us. 


When Adam went astray, God sought to win him back because Adam was valuable to God.  We are valuable; therefore, God will seek us out. He will offer the call to forgiveness and

like that Good Shepherd, go out looking for us when we go astray.  God doesn’t leave His valuables unattended!  Every life is precious to God—every life.


So, we all have equal access. We all have equal value, and then, we all have equal – get ready for it – equal accountability.


It’s so nice to say we have equal access and equal value, but equal accountability puts a different spin on the whole thing.


Equal accountability.  God will judge each of us according to His word.  That tells me that I need to be applying the idea of equality to my relationships and actions.  If every man is equal, then I am accountable for how I treat God’s creation.  It doesn’t matter if I am the employee or the employer; God holds me responsible for my treatment of the other person.  It leaves me with no excuse when I misuse my power or allow pride to be my driver; there is no room for power or pride in accountability. I can’t hide behind excuses or claim ignorance.  God says every one of us will give an account of ourselves before Him.


We are all equal.  We all stand at the foot of the cross and make our decision like the two thieves on either side of Jesus.  They had equal access – the God of all creation was right beside them.  They had equal value – He was there dying for the sins of both.  And, they had equal accountability. What were they going to do with their opportunity?  One decided to humbly kneel his heart; the other chose to rebel and reject.


Today, we have the opportunity to re-evaluate our view on equality.  I think if you take time to look through this lens, your opinion will be considerably changed.  Instead of seeing masses of people with whom you are not involved, you will understand that you are a part of the creation, with access to God, valuable, and accountable, as are they all.


I find this truly humbling because I understand we are all on a level playing field.  And it challenges me because I know there are times when I have not treated my fellow human beings with the value they deserve, and pride has been in my heart.  It creates zeal.  I want them to know God’s love and acceptance. It makes me fearful as well, because I know I must give account to God of my life.


So, while people scream for equality, let’s see them for what they are.  Poor and needy, but the Lord is there for them.  They are precious in His sight and accountable to a holy God.


All lives matter because all lives have equal—


A – Access   V – Value    A— Accountability

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