Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Week Twenty-One - Alone

Genesis 2:18 reads, “And the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone.”

I had to laugh out loud!  If God said it wasn’t good for man to be alone, then why are we in this isolation?

I know there are times in life when we feel we need no comrade.  We want to be alone, to think, to pray, to have some peace and quiet, or just to let things process and regain our focus.  But the majority of us are gregarious.  We like to hear other voices and see other people and have some sort of physical contact.  Forced isolation is hard.

However, the vast majority of us are not really alone.  Most of us have at least one family member quarantined with us.  Some of you, however, might actually be the sole individual inside your four walls.  Maybe these thoughts will be an encouragement to you.

Think with me about these times when people were alone, and let’s see what we can draw for ourselves.

Isaiah was alone in the temple when he had a close encounter with the God of Eternity.
Joshua was alone near Jericho when the Captain of the Lord’s hosts met with him.
Jacob was alone at Bethel.  There, he wrestled with God and secured a blessing.
Mary was alone when the angel brought her the message of a coming Saviour.
Elisha was plowing alone when the mantle fell on his shoulders.
Noah was alone as he built the ark and took the long voyage.
Hagar was crying alone in the desert when God found her.
Moses was alone when he saw the burning bush.
Abraham wandered and worshiped alone.
Daniel dined and prayed alone.
Jesus lived and died alone.

Here’s the thing – when we are alone, we have a better chance of being joined by the One who makes our hearts burn.  One who generates hope and creativity.  The One who speaks to our deepest need. 

Sometimes, He wants us alone so He can come alongside. 

When God says is it not good that man should be alone, I know the reference is to the coming creation of woman, but can we look at it this way?

God knows we need company, and He is the best one with whom we can share our time.  We are never truly alone, for He is always there.  He will never leave us or forsake us.  He knows we need a companion and what better companion could we have?

So, in our isolation, let’s look for this Friend and see how He will work in our lives, what He will teach us, and the direction He has for our future.

If you haven’t yet taken time to get alone with Him, don’t wait!  Get into your prayer closet and spend some quiet time alone with the Lord.  Let Him speak to your heart and meet your need. He’s waiting to join you there.

If you are looking for more encouragement, please check out my video devotionals.  They can be found on the Beside the Well blog page, or on YouTube at my channel, Gail Gritts.  There is also a Kindle book entitled, Light that Shines, which is the script from the first twelve videos.  If you are feeling alone, please reach out!

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