Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Week Thirteen - Call It What It Is

               My friend had the oddest Siamese cat.  Though beautiful to look at, it sulked around and threaten you if you crossed its path.  And you daren’t reach your hand out to stroke it.  The result was an evil hiss and a lash of claws.  They called the cat, Jezebel, because it could not be trusted!
               The Jezebel of the Bible was one of the evilest women recorded.  For her, no scheme was too wicked, and no price too high to get what she wanted.  It seems sad to end our study with her story, but there is much to be drawn from her life that may help us keep ourselves away from the evil hiss and lash of claws.
               As you study her life, you see her influence with power and authority reaching the entire kingdom and lasting for several generations.  She openly displayed her hate and resentment toward the men of God and her determination to move the children of Israel away from the worship of the Hebrew God was fierce and unrelenting.  She was determined and fully equipped to work her plan.
               When I look at her life I see such a waste.  If that zeal and determination were channeled into doing good and honoring the Lord, that woman could have done great things.  As it stands, her name, for all eternity, will be associated with evil.
               Our testimony and reputation are so important.  We are known by what we do.  Not one of us can escape the summation of our lives by those who watch us.  “Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right”  (Proverbs 20:11).
               If someone was asked to sum up your life in one word, what might that word be? 
               My friend, Patty passed away a few years ago from cancer.  To honor her, a group of us got together to have a little tea party, which we knew she would have appreciated.  As part of our remembrance, we each jotted down one word that described her life and shared that word with the group.  The word that came to me about Patty was the word kind.  She was always kind.  Kind in her actions.  Kind in her words.  Others used the words thoughtful, pleasant, and caring.  As we sat in our little circle remembering our friend, it was a joy to all agree about the type of person Patty was.
               What single word would describe your life to those around you?  How would you want to be remembered?  

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