Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Week Eleven - Three Cheers for the Underdog!

Beside the Well

               The story of Abigail is one of my favorites.  Some of my fascination is because her name sorta matches mine!  But that aside, the meaning of her name is cause of joy or her father’s joy. Her husband’s name, Nabal, means fool.  That really says it all!  He was foolish in his character, foolish in his pride, and foolish in his lifestyle.  Joy would hardly be a representative word of a woman living with such a difficult man.
               Another reason this story captivates my imagination is that I am always one who cheers for the underdog. As I read about Abigail’s plight and see her begging for mercy from David, I see a woman desperate to salvage what she can and willing to risk her life to protect her home.  Nabal might not have been a wise husband, and her home may have been quite a challenge, but she did not let that deter her from bravely moving to protect it.
               And, finally, I think the story is beautiful because we get to see her great wisdom and discernment.  Her appeal to David is one of humility.  She pleads for David to reconsider by placing the blame upon herself and making sure she recognizes David’s authority and position.  Then, she turns her appeal toward David by asking him to take time to consider the greater outcome—protecting him from being guilty of shedding innocent blood. 
               David, captivated with this woman’s actions and wisdom, returns to take her as one of his wives after the death of Nabal.  Her reaction is one of absolute acceptance.  Like Ruth bowing before Boaz, Abigail humbly accepts David’s care, vowing to be his servant, even willing to wash the feet of his men.
               Let’s put a few of these things together.  What joy must the Father find in those who are willing to serve?  How greatly does He rejoice when His children act in wisdom and discretion?  How must His heart be moved when His child lives in contentment amid the hardships of life?  And what glorious escape can He provide to the one willing to allow humility and wisdom to reign?
               Isn’t she a beautiful example?  I love her story.

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