Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Week Three - A Spa Day

Beside the Well

               Do you enjoy a trip to the spa?  That massage feels so good on weary muscles, doesn’t it?  And, having a facial and your nails done lifts your spirits.  I've enjoyed many trips to spas in the Philippines, China, England, and the USA.  Each one holds a special flavor and leaves me feeling refreshed.
               As I read the story of Sarai and Abraham wandering around in the deserts of the Middle East, I was impressed with the fact that twice the Lord parked Sarai in the best spas of the day, first in the court of Pharaoh, and then, in the harem of Abimelech. 
               According to history, the Egyptians used water vapors and mud wraps from the Dead Sea.  Cleopatra indulged in a variety of beauty treatments including hot and cold baths, massages, and a variety of oil treatments. You can believe Sarai enjoyed many of the same while she was away from her nomadic life.
               When I think about her situation, I see the gracious, loving hand of the Lord helping her cope.  After leaving the comforts of Ur, which was a huge and well-accomplished city, to live as a nomad, I’m sure she needed some tender loving care once in a while.
               I’ve seen the Lord do the same for me.  It’s like He puts his arms around me and says, “I know it’s hard right now, but I want you to know I haven’t forgotten where you are.  Let me lavish you with a bit of special treatment.”  He takes me to luxurious places to stay, gives opportunities I could have never dreamed, and allows me to visit places of outstanding beauty.
               My desert journey is nothing like Sarai’s, but my Lord is equally as gracious to a travel-weary daughter.  These times of oasis are refreshing and invigorating.  Like love tokens from the Lord, they help me to carry on.
               Dear one, you can be sure the Lord knows exactly where you are and what you are experiencing today.  He will not leave you to struggle alone and waste away in the desert.  Keep moving forward, that spa might be just around the corner!

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