Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Week One - The Adventure

     Our Christmas was spent in Valencia, Spain with our youngest son and his family who have moved there as missionaries.  What fun seeing their new culture and spending time with his girls.  Grandparenting is always an adventure.  The New Year found us in Atlanta with our oldest son and his fiance.  More grandparenting is on the agenda here as well!  In a couple of weeks we will head to Virginia to visit our oldest daughter and her little girl, Lucy.  Oh, and our son-in-law, too!  Then we will head toward the middle of America to see the remainder of the family.  Gotta love missionary life!
     Truly, it is a blessing to be allowed to serve the Lord and to watch Him at work.  As I look at these next six months I am reminded that my times are in His very capable hands.  I might not know what all is going to happen, but He does.  I can rest in that. 
    Resting in the Lord is so vital for a healthy and happy spiritual life.  The opposite is anxiety and fear.  I don't like to live there.  It is much more exciting to live with hopeful expectation and faith making every day an adventure with the Lord.  It is going to be fun to share with you all of the things God has planned for us as we discover them!
    Can I ask you to keep a few things in prayer?  Safe travels....good doors for ministry and reporting to churches...meeting of financial needs as we travel...and for us to be used of God to encourage others.
    I'm excited about 2019.  Trust you are as well.  Let's be asking the Lord to carry us all through safely as we recognize His hand in all things.
   For some fun....listen to the reading of my two children's books on Storytime with Mr. Whiskers on YouTube!  Messy Hair Game and Grandpa's Gift are the story names.  And make sure to get yourself a copy - or a copy for a little girl or two!
   See you next week - Gail

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