Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Week Thirty-Four - The Life Coach

Beside the Well
            I am amazed at the number of people calling themselves “Life Coach” these days.  What is a life coach?  Google says, “It's a person who helps you process and address issues in your personal life, relationships or profession by examining obstacles and challenges in order to help you determine a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.” 
            In my notion, they used to have a number of other titles: friend, pastor, counselor, teacher, and mom!
            When I was a young girl, my friend, Debbie was a life coach for me. She offered me good advice in a loving and straightforward way.  Sadly, I was too immature to heed her warnings and make the good choices.
            Later, I met a girl named Susie, who showed me what it meant to live for Christ and whetted my appetite for the Lord’s service. She would answer my questions in a loving, instructive way.  She became my hero, and still is today!
            I have another friend named Elaine, who has always been patient and forgiving toward me, even when I put my foot in my mouth or act in some unbecoming way. Though she has never spoken a word to me about my failures, I have learned from my mistakes, and her patience and continued love for me has spoken volumes to my heart.
            I have had grandparents, teachers, and pastors who loved me and spoke truth into my life, without which I would have probably wound up on a more desperate path.
            But my ultimate Life Coach is God!  He knows me through and through.  I don’t have to try to explain myself to Him.  He knows my every word and thought.  He knows the motivation behind my every action.  Through the work of His Spirit and His word, like a good coach, He reminds me, prods me, and directs me into wiser ways.
            One of the grandest things I have learned through my Christian life is that though I have many friends, enjoy their fellowship, and share my struggles with them, my Heavenly Father is the surest and safest one for helping me determine a course of action that will make my life what He wants it to be!  He has my best interest at heart, and I am graven upon His hands.  Since the blood of His Son purchased my life, He has the prerogative of direction.  He is my life coach! 
            Who is yours?
Gail Gritts
Beside the Well

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