Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Week Twenty-Two - What Ya Doin' in There?

Beside the Well
            Most mothers would agree that when kids go quiet, they were up to something.  This is true with toddlers and teens.  God knows the same thing happens with His children.
            In 1 Kings 19 we find Elijah hiding in a cave having himself a good pout. God comes to check on him whispering, “What ya doin’ in there, Elijah?”  Well, that probably wasn’t how God said it, but I can imagine God’s tender voice calling for an answer.
            Do you remember the story?  God tries to get Elijah’s attention by a strong wind and an earthquake, but only His gentle call brings Elijah to the door of the cave.  I’ve heard this account used to address depression, and no doubt Elijah was depressed as he hid from Jezebel but I got to thinking about other types of hiders.
            Some sit quietly in our churches living two lives.  They are Christians on Sunday, but not the rest of the week.  They hide in church hoping no one will find them out.  They are deceivers in the cave of hypocrisy.
            There are sinners who think no one knows their addiction, but they cannot avoid the voice of God that calls them by name.  God knows they are in the cave of secrecy.
            There are those who feel locked in the cave of gloom. Despair has overtaken their lives, and they cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Why are they hiding there when God’s grace and mercy are so strong?
            Others are in the cave of non-confession.  They know the Lord but are so entangled with the world they fear making their faith public. They don’t have the courage to break away from their worldly friendships, so they sit trembling as God calls their name.
            Some have lodged in the cave of complaint.  They are content with themselves and discontented with everyone else. Complaining has become such a way of life they see nothing positive.  If they could but leave the cave, their pent-up energy might produce some good.
            And, there are those who have settled into the cave of comfortable seclusion. They have served their time, found a cozy place, and do not want to shift.  They hear God call but find it easier to make an excuse for their inactivity than leave their cave of isolation.  All the while, they wonder why they feel so lonely.
            “What ya doin’ in there?” God asks.  And most usually, just as children, we answer, “Nothing.”
            And that is precisely the problem.  We aren’t doing anything.  We aren’t doing anything about our situation.  We aren’t doing anything for God or in obedience to His word.  We aren’t doing anything to get out of the cave.
            When Elijah heard the voice of God, he came out (1 Kings 19:13).
            Which cave are you hiding in?  What ya doin’ in there?

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