Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Week Nineteen - There's a Local Hero for that!

Beside the Well
            Have you ever felt a great awareness that the people walking beside you at the mall or on the high street are totally without Christ?  When I first came to the mission field my heart grieved with the lostness of those around me and of my great desire and responsibility to give them the gospel.
             I had to control my emotions and start lovingly drawing them to Christ; otherwise, I might find myself climbing up on some bench preaching in the middle of the Saturday shoppers.
            That is the fact of evangelism.  We see men perishing for lack of a remedy, for no knowledge of the provision of salvation, and the Spirit prompts us to go and tell. 
            We are the fountains in the desert, the beacon on the shore.  Like our Master, when He was surrounded by a multitude of the sick and needy, lepers are before us—we know what will heal them. The maimed and diseased walk beside us—we know what will bring straightness to their limbs and eradication of their ailment.  When storms come to their lives, we know Who will hush the winds, calm the water, and bring peace to their souls.  When they are faint with hunger, we know the Bread of Life.  When death is at their door, we can offer the Giver of Life. For sin in all its form, for evil in all its workings, we know the remedy.
            We know the solution for the perishing world because we have been recovered by it ourselves.  We know for He touched our hearts.  He rescued us.   2 Corinthians 4:13  “…we believe, therefore we also speak.”
            So, dear evangel, speak.  Do not keep silent, but intelligently, lovingly, earnestly, and incessantly speak to the lost that walk through your life and those who interact with you as family or friends.  Let them know, in all their lostness, “There’s a local hero for that!”

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