Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Week Sixteen - Broken

Beside the Well

            Do you ever feel broken inside?  Like there is a great rift ripping away at your soul? Do you struggle along fearing others will see your brokenness?  You look for rest and freedom from the haunting doubts and inner accusations, only to become more discouraged and baffled?
            Well, join the club!  I think we all feel that way at times.  Even those who put on a brave face and look happy may be dealing with an internal battle.
            A couple weeks ago mind took off on a tangent and successfully entangled me its web.  Torturous voices worked hard to convince me life was not worth living.  The battle for truth raged in my soul as I pulled out every weapon I knew how to use. 
            What are my weapons?  Honesty. I look to see where I may have sinned.  I bring my own guilt to the cross and ask forgiveness.  My sin was pride and anger.  You don’t need the gory details!  I’m sure you have felt the pangs of those sins as well. 
            Prayer.  I ask the Lord to cover me with His blood, to protect my mind and emotions, and lead me through the battle to truth.
            The next weapon I call “owning up.”  When Satan starts accusing me, I accept it.  “Yes, I am wrong.  Yes, I am angry.  Yes, I am not willing to forgive.”  I lay it all out on the table and agree with the accuser.  If I’ve already agreed with God about your sin, there is no reason to disagree with anyone else that is pointing fingers.
            Then, there is the weapon of Matthew 18—go to the person who hurt you and seek resolution.  A bit of humble pie is good for the soul!
            That usually takes care of it, but this was a rift of a deeper sort.  I had to use my next weapon—personal confession.  I went to a spiritual friend, confessed my sin of hurt and unforgiveness, and requested prayer.  Satan hates that!  He loses ground when we apply Scripture. 
            Which Scripture, you ask?  James 5:16 “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.”
And you know what?  Not four hours later that torturous, demonic voice was gone.  I was totally free again.
            Here’s the truth: the fact that we live in a sinful body/nature means spiritual warfare is a part of life.  Paul spoke it well when he cried out in Romans 7:24, 25, “O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.” 
            Deliverance is ours through Christ. Final victory comes as we cross Jordon or meet our Saviour in the sky.  But until then, we live in a broken world.  We will face spiritual battles.  That’s why we need the Comforter—to give us the assurance and strength we need to carry on. To give us that certain hope of the resurrection and a new body—free from brokenness, doubts, and discouragements. My brokenness reveals His perfection—for which I am predestined!
            So, chin up!  This is a temporary battle!

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