Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Week Fourteen - Funnels

Beside the Well

            My word for 2018 is Increase.  It comes from a promise I claimed for my children as our nest emptied. “The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children” Psalm 115:14. 
            I found great comfort entrusting them into the hands of the best parent they would ever know to care for them and increase them in every area of their lives. And He has!
            But this year, the promise is for me.
           I have started out on a new venture—writing and self-publishing books. It’s a whole new learning curve! While studying about marketing, I began reading about funnels of revenue, and that got me thinking about the funnels of God’s activity in my life. These funnels are pots the Lord will fill; or, Increase.
            I was challenged to think: Where was I pouring my life and investing the majority of my time and effort?  I found four funnels.  

            1) I am actively involved in the ministries of my church. 
            2) Though my children are grown and live overseas, I am still loving and praying for them.  Their increase is my increase as my growing family now includes thirteen grandchildren, and God uses my life as their grandmother to influence them for Christ.  
            3) I have ministries among women, speaking engagements, college administration, and allowing the Lord to use me where He sees fit.  
            4) And, I have the new funnel of my book venture, devotional blogging, and writing that is now a part of my scheduled time.
            Here is one thing I know from my spiritual journey to this point: unless God’s hand is in every funnel, nothing of eternal value happens—it is all temporal.  I don’t want to spend the majority of my life’s effort on temporary time fillers that produce little to nothing.  I want to see God’s hand increasing every funnel He has given and see Him at work around me.  That is my greatest joy and reward.  
            Into what are you pouring your life?  Where are you investing the majority of your time and effort?  What will you have in the end? These are important questions because where we invest we will see increase.  

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