Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week Eight - Ezekiel

Beside The Well

            It never ceases to amaze how God can take a portion of Scripture and come alongside with a nearly audible voice.  Ezekiel 36 is one chapter He used to speak directly to my need last year.  I was struggling again with my own personal inadequacies and failures when I heard God said, “Just read it and replace Israel with yourself.  What do you hear Me saying?”
God said,
            Ezekiel 36:9               “I am for you.
            Ezekiel 36:10 & 11      I will multiply you better than at your start.
            Ezekiel 36:17               But, you have messed things up, Gail.
            Ezekiel 36:18 & 19      Even when I warned you, you went your own way.
            Ezekiel 36:21               My name is important,
            Ezekiel 36:22 & 23      So, for my name’s sake, I will sort this out so the 
                                                 world/heathen will know I did it.
            Ezekiel 36:26 & 27      And, I will change your heart – I will change you.
            Ezekiel 36:28-30          I will still bless you.
            Ezekiel 36:31               But, you will be ashamed of yourself and your actions.
            Ezekiel 36:32               I am not doing this for you—you should be ashamed.
            Ezekiel 36:36-38          I am doing this so everyone will know I did it for you   
                                                 and so all will know I AM THE LORD.”

            It reminded me of scoldings I received from my own father as he tried to teach me to think about my actions and choose to obey.  I am so thankful that even in the midst of my faults and failures as an adult my heavenly Father is still graciously working to bless me and to use my life in some way to bring glory to His name.  He is such a good Father.  He will not leave me high and dry.  He will work on my behalf to sort out the messes I make.  He may let me sting from my wrongdoing, as my earthly father did.  I won’t get away Scot-free.  But, in the middle of my junk, He is there trying to help me do right and working all things together for good for His name’s sake.
            I find peace and assurance in the fact that God hasn’t given up on me and no matter how big a mess I make, He doesn’t throw up his hands in disgust. 

            O, Lord, in the middle of my weaknesses and failures, may others see You at work and may Your name be known.

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