Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Week Forty-Two - Rocks and June Bugs

Back on the farm, part of our summer fun included catching shiny, green, flying beetles called June Bugs that appeared for a short season. We would catch them and tie a string to one of their legs, then hold on as they flew in crazy patterns, trying to escape. Hence the phrase, crazy as a June Bug on a string.

My husband and I discussed June Bugs a while back, which brought us to describe ourselves like this: Tom is a lump on a log, and I am a June Bug on a string. For us, that meant I was the one with crazy ideas and willing to take risks, while he was the settled one who kept things calm and grounded. We laughed about the comparison, but it is a very apt description of us. 

Then, I came to a psalm that resonated with my heart and left me meditating for several weeks. Psalm 89:26 reads, "Thou art my father, my God, and the rock of my salvation." Psalm 92:15 and 94:22 also referred to the Lord as our rock. The verses aren't referring to a pebble. This rock is something settled, strong, and grounded. It means a boulder or solid cliff face, something not easily moved.

Let me share what I recorded in my journal. Open your Bible and follow along with these verses. 

"He is my refuge when I am afraid, my courage in the face of mischief framed by law (94:20), my strength when I consider my age (92:14), and my security when I need a place to stand (89:26). He is my rock, salvation, refuge, help (94:17), and my comfort (94:19). He is the Father who loves me and my God to whom I surrender, whose might defends, directs (90:17), and delights. He will never leave me. (89:34). I am frail and limited (89:47, 90:9,12), but He is my Rock."

I might be a June Bug on a string, but He is not. He remains faithful, drawing me to grounding and anchoring me in His love. God, my Rock, is able to keep me from falling. He is consistent, reliable, and sound, full of grace and truth. I am often fleeting, changeable, flighty, and too easily influenced, but God remains faithful. 

Rocks and June Bugs, what a wonderful meditation.

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