Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Week Fifteen - Randomly Righteous

As we come to the Easter season, many people start acting more righteous. They may attend a church service, give up something for Lent, and even speak of Jesus. But sadly, the rest of the year, except for Christmas, they rarely attend church, talk of Jesus, or behave righteously. More often than not, they cannot be distinguished from every other Joe on the street.

Random righteousness is not the call of sincere Christianity. God wants us to love Him with our whole being, not seasonal affection. What if God's love were like our own? What if He only expressed His love on our birthday or at Christmas? Would we believe His love is genuine? Wouldn't we feel somewhat cheated?

But many times, that is how we express our love to God. We base our love on expressions of religiosity instead of committed faithful benevolence. We are randomly righteous - when it suits us.

It's like those who occasionally pick up their Bible, open it, and point to a verse to read, hoping to get something out of chance selection. Reading random Scriptures won't provide solid biblical growth any more than eating random food provides solid physical growth. You need a steady diet.

And to know the love of God that, according to Ephesians 3:19, passes knowledge and fills us with the fullness of God, you must be actively involved in His love. That means recognizing His presence, praising Him for His mercy through prayer and heartfelt gratitude, and, as Jesus said, showing our love by keeping His commandments. He wasn't talking of the Ten Commandments, but the New Testament commands to love and obey God in all things. Jude 21, 22 encourages us to keep ourselves in the love of God. And as we whole-heartedly participate in the avenues of worship, prayer, and service, we position ourselves to be recipients of God's love in intimate ways.

This Easter, why not take a serious look at your attitude and commitment to righteousness? I'm not talking about putting on airs or wearing a Jesus t-shirt. I'm talking about laying aside half-hearted love and stepping up to sincere devotion to a Saviour who loved you enough to give it all.

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