Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Week Forty-Three - Captivated

When reading through your Bible is an annual exercise, you begin noticing how God weaves golden threads in even the darkest of books. For example, Isaiah is a book of woes and judgment but interspersed are precious jewels of hope and praise that captivate your thoughts and energize your soul. So pick up your Bible, and let's go through a few verses as we mine out some diamonds.

Isaiah 32:17 promises God's people peace, quietness, and assurance forever. 33:6 tells us that wisdom and knowledge are where we find stability, strength, and treasure. In 33:22, we read our Lord is the judge, lawgiver, and King. He will save us. 34:16 assures us God's word will not fail. And in 35:4, we are told to be strong because God will avenge, recompense, and save. He will come!

Not bad for just five verses, huh? But let's read on.

Isaiah 40:4 is a great verse. Here God says He will make the crooked places straight and the rough places smooth. What a tremendous promise. In 40:8, we are again assured that His word will stand. And no matter how long it takes, 42:4, He will not be discouraged but keep working to His plan. 42:8 tells us God is determined and will not give His glory to anyone else. In 46:11, God affirms His purpose and determination. So, 43:5, we need not fear because He is with us. 43:1, we are His.

Along with these encouraging and affirming promises is a repeated phrase, 44:8, 45:6, 46:9, etc. - "I am the Lord, and there is none else."

Through all the woes and judgments, God points His saints to hope, faith, and confidence in His word and ability. We are living in a time of great turmoil and uncertainty. Would we not be wise to draw on the promises and assurances here in the book of Isaiah to help us stand? I think so.

David knew the power of the word to sustain him during hard times. He also knew where to place his hope, "Hope thou in God for I shall yet praise him." (Psalm 42:5)

In Psalm 119:49, 50, David wrote, "Remember the word unto thy servant, upon which thou hast cause me to hope." Are you that focused? Hoping solely in God's promises?

Let's be captivated by the Word and our God because - there is none else.

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