Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Week Thirty-Five - Stick with Your Assignment

Chris Tiegreen makes a point I am coming, with age, to understand. "Jesus didn't try to do more than He was assigned."

Many times, Jesus retired for a time of solitude, even while needy people wanted His attention. Not every leper was cleansed; not every diseased person was healed. There were still the poor and deprived. Jesus even said they would always be there. He didn't just stay busy for busyness' sake! No, instead of trying to heal everyone and fix every problem, He focused on the work God had given Him to do. He accomplished it and didn't stray from His mission.

In John 17:4, Jesus says, "I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do." Jesus stuck with His assignment and praise the Lord He did, for His assignment was our salvation.

How often are we guilty of taking on too much, trying to fix every problem, and thinking we can make everyone happy or satisfy every request? It is soul-destroying to think we can do everything and a huge waste of effort.

Tiegreen writes, "It will not mean that we were everything everyone else expected of us. It will not mean that we worked so hard that we're sure we managed to accomplish God's will sometime during all our activity, although we're not sure when. It will not mean that we addressed every situation for which we felt sympathy, or gave to every organization or missionary that said they needed our financial support. It will simply mean that we discerned God's will for our lives and devoted ourselves to accomplishing it by the power of His Spirit. May we be single-minded for that goal."

I have often wondered why my missionary career has been in England. Here, I do loads of administration and very little seeking tribes in the dark jungle. Here, I live as well or better than in the States instead of in a grass hut. Here, the weather is fine, no scorching heat or rain forests on my island. Here, I travel by car, bus, and train instead of a donkey cart. And yet, this is the place God has for me - His will for me - my assignment.

Oh, Lord, may I do all as unto you. Knowing my reward and worth are based on my attitude and faithfulness in service. So, whatsoever I am tasked to do today, may all be done for Your glory!

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