Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Week Eleven - To Cut a Long Story Short

With the passing of my mother-in-law back on the first part of January, we wound up stateside. We booked our return tickets to England for mid-March, hoping coronavirus restrictions would have calmed down by then, but no such luck. To cut a long story short, just let me say, we have purchased three sets of tickets and are now waiting to see if the final set gets us home the first weekend in April. There are still Covid hurdles to clear, so we try to stay healthy and keep up with all the changes.

Sometimes one wonders why things happen, but I have learned, as my husband says, to just enjoy the ride. Oh, it can get frustrating, fearful, and expensive, but our God is still in control. Even in the craziness, He has a way of revealing His beauty and teaches us to trust Him more. 

We have been staying in a tiny house across the lawn from my middle son and his family. Having our own little place means we rest better, can sit quietly, and enjoy the Lord’s provision. And there are five grandkids bringing life and excitement only a stone’s throw away. Also, our daughter and her family are only a short drive, so we have enjoyed time with them as well. 

And then, our home church and extended family are nearby, our family friends and memories are all hinged on this part of the country. That means we relax in familiar surroundings. No noisy streets, no pressing ministries, no expectations, just life.

As I was praying the other night, I rejoiced to see the Lord’s loving hand in our situation. Oh, there is still Covid, there is still the nervousness about the uncertainty of our flight in April and the sadness of saying goodbye again, but all those things pale when I see the goodness and provision of God.

I know we are all longing for the day when Covid becomes a thing of the past and life gets back to some sort of normal, but let’s not wish away the beauty of what is around us now. Some blessings and opportunities have only come because of the lockdowns and restrictions. 

Opportunities like more time with your children, playing games as a family, spending less on gas for the car, eating homemade food, and having time to re-evaluate life. Remember when we used to wish for time to stop? Have you used your restriction time wisely?  

And blessings, like the reminder this pandemic has given us about our vulnerabilities, our need for friends, the testimonies of God’s grace and goodness. Have you counted yours?

Here’s the thing – dwelling on negatives does not produce a positive mindset.Looking for the good in hard situations, praising and thanking the Lord for His activity and seeking to share encouragement with others create a brighter prospect. 

So, as I take my PCR Covid test in a couple of weeks and get everything ready for that April 2nd flight; I hope you will pray that I remember the lessons the Lord has been teaching me and that His hand will take us safely and assuredly back to our ministry in England.

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