Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Week Twelve - Prayer and Providence

My heart aches for those affected by the virus, but it is also torn for the future outfall of the economic decisions being made.  The virus lasts a week to ten days, but the closing of business brings anxiety and fear to all of us.  We need to be praying for the ill, but also for the young families losing their jobs, for the small business owner losing his livelihood, and for the impending economic catastrophe.  We must pray for our leaders who make the choice between courage and fear, and between political correctness/pressure and a strong hand on the rudder!

Providence.  Some call it fate, others destiny, but for the Christian, we know it to be the protective care of God; a truth wherein we rest and in time, see the working out of His plan according to His perfect design.

A few years ago, God dealt with me about this issue.  I learned about His control.  He always does what is best for my life and for those around me.  He asks me to consider Him to be enough and to rest myself within the promise of that truth.  I have to say, it has brought much peace and calmness to my heart.

Still, at times, I may wonder why life takes the turns it does, and how the Lord intends to bring glory from it all, but again, I must fall back on the providence of God and content myself.

Spurgeon tells of a dream.  He was walking up a stairway to heaven with a voice urging him upward.  He writes, “I knew that my mysterious guide could not err.  I felt that infinite faithfulness would not bid me take a step it if were not safe: and therefore mounting still, I stand at this hour happy and rejoicing, though my faith be all above my own comprehension, and my work above my own ability.”  (p151)

My thoughts got stuck on the idea of The Infinite Faithfulness – God Himself.  Isn’t that a beautiful title?  The Infinite Faithfulness?  And in His providential care, he will not bid us take one faltering step. 

“Happy indeed are they who bathe in the bath of such a promise as this, ‘I am with thee.’  Put your whole soul into that consoling element; plunge into it, and you will feel your strength suddenly renewed, so that you can bear troubles which before would have overburdened you.  Take the naked promise of God, for it is enough, and more than enough, though all earth’s springs were dry.”  (p 153, 155)

“Christian!  There is no sweeter pillow than providence; and when providence seemeth adverse, believeth it still, lay it under thy head, for depend upon it there is comfort in its bosom.  There is hope for thee, thou child of God. That great trouble which is to come in thy way in the early part of thy pilgrimage, is planned by love, the same love which shall interpose as thy protector.” (p 146)

As we face the current pandemic, let us rest ourselves in the promise of God’s providence.  Adversity does not detour the Infinite Faithfulness! We can still know joy in God’s presence, and precious moments of prayer and fellowship as the Spirit is enjoined giving comfort, strength, and empowerment. 

I know those times, do you?  When God is so near you could virtually touch Him and feel his arms around you as you hear His voice whispering to your heart? 

Lay your head then, on the sweet pillow of providence, as Spurgeon calls it, and know God is with you.  The assuring promise of His Infinite Faithfulness is enough!

Spurgeon, C.H., Words of Cheer for Daily Life

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  1. Wonderful words, as Esther expressed, "for such a time as this." Thank you Gail. We are Self-Homed!