Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Week Forty-One - Brain Engaged

Beside the Well

            The ugliness and corruption of politics seem to be the main diet of media.  Their agenda is apparent – to sway the masses to their opinion.  It can be hard for us to find the truth of a matter.  How can we know which flag to wave, which cause to support, which candidate to vote for?
            One of the most beautiful things afforded a Christian is wisdom. Proverbs tells us many times that it is rooted in the fear of God.  This submission to divine authority and sovereignty forms a basis for understanding that supersedes all other.  I’ve been reading several books lately, and I am seeing how we Christians have begun shifting our roots and clinging to non-truths that sound good but lead to adverse outcomes.
            One reading was an article about the changes in evangelism in the past 60-70 years.  Where once preachers preached repentance with great fervor, things shifted and led us down a path of easy-believe-ism (just pray the prayer and you’ll be okay) until now we do not understand the depth of true repentance and see fewer people coming down the aisle under conviction of their sin.  With the doctrine of salvation weakened, we now have churches that are seeker friendly, trying to usher people to the throne with as little discomfort as possible.
            What were we thinking?  That the Rich Young Ruler needn’t have gone away sorrowful?  That Judas should have been better understood?  That Peter’s prejudice action didn’t warrant Paul confronting him so directly?
            Rev Martin wrote: “To desire to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will, to pray for it, and to open the heart to the manifestations of God’s will is, without doubt, without doubt, to be ultimately filled with such knowledge. Ask and wait, wait and watch, and you shall not be left without guidance.”  But we didn’t want the waiting, seeking, and asking.  We wanted it now, and we are paying later.
            But let me come back to the politics where I started.  Here too, it is so very vital that we think!  Sort what we see and hear with wisdom and inquiry. Don’t believe everything you read! Christianity is the wisest of all religions (if you will allow me to call it a religion) because its source is the Almighty.  And, as His children, we have His power and wisdom available to us.  We needn’t allow every diverse political opinion to sway us. Our opinion should be His opinion.
            Elisabeth Elliot wrote, “God help us not only to stand for the truth, but to obey it scrupulously that we may not lose the power to think as Christians.”
            Lord, help us to live life in gear and not just coast through in neutral. Teach us to remember that there is no wisdom, nor counsel, nor understanding that can outstrip you. Cause us to examine our choices long enough to determine the outcomes and consequences instead of just going along with the crowd like a lamb to the slaughter.  Give us vibrancy and strong faith with our brains engaged!

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