Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Week Twenty-Nine - In the Pits

Beside the Well
            Dana Rongione, in her devotional Rise Up and Build, does a short study on the word pit.  Joseph was thrown into a pit, as was Jeremiah.  We were brought out of a horrible pit (Psalm 40:2).  Her fourth definition completely changes direction.  She writes: a pit is “any of the areas alongside an auto racecourse used for refueling and repairing the cars during a race.” (p 13)  A pit stop!
            Our Lord knows we need times of refueling and repair, so He draws us aside. But just like the driver who is grappling to get back to the race, we don’t want to stay long in that pit! 
            I remember watching a race where the driver ignored the pit people who were calling him in for fuel.  He was in first place with only a few laps to go.  He ignored their pleas and ran out of fuel before he could finish the race. Silly man!
            But we are no different.  We hear people telling us to slow down.  We know our body is telling us to rest.  Our mind keeps whirling and pushing to keep all the plates spinning, while our spirit cries out for respite.
            This pit stop has a purpose.  Without it, the racecar will run out of fuel or blow a tire.  So will we!
            God has designed us to need rest. When you look through Scripture you will find Jesus resting, the disciples resting, and rest portrayed as a blessing. Even God rested after six days of creation work.  Why do we think we can do without it?
            Rev. S Martin also taught on rest.  “There are times when he (the Christian) lies down on green pastures; but he lies down wearied; and he lies down that he may rise again a stronger man, to enter upon fiercer battles, and to do harder work.  We rest, not for resting’s sake, but for work’s sake. Work has exhausted us, and we cannot work on, and we rest that we may work again.” 
(p 127)
            Let me end by another quote from Dana Rongione.  “Perhaps you’re in a pit right now, glancing up at the high walls surrounding you and wondering if you’ll ever again see the light of day. You’re actually in a good position.  God is preparing you to finish the work He’s called you to do.  He has great plans for you, and this pit stop is just one way He’s enabling you to finish the race…keep in mind that it is not a destination but rather a rest stop along the way.”
            So, rest dear friend.  Let God repair and renew your energy.  Pit stops are a part of the race.
Gail Gritts
Beside the Well

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