Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Week Ten - Excuse Me for the Interruption

Beside the Well

            Do you get up each morning with a basic plan for your day?  You have to be at work for a certain time, catch a certain bus or train, follow a basic pattern throughout your workday, and then catch that same transport home?
            Well, my life is completely different.  Each day is like a venture into the unknown.  Oh, I have some things that happen regularly, but for the most part, each day is different.
            However, I do like to live by a plan.  I have a preferred structure and I like to reach each day’s goals with some sort of order.  But, more often than not, my plan can be sent out the window by a simple phone call or text.
            Yesterday was one of those days.  I got up with a plan, started, and my husband said, “Wanna go somewhere for breakfast?”              
            I learned from my grandmother, years ago, to always drop what I’m doing and go when he asks.  Her reasoning was work can always wait, dishes will be there when you get back, but the opportunity to spend time with the man you love is more important. 
            So, I dropped my plans and headed out with him for breakfast, which carried on to a shopping trip, which went on to run some errands, and we got home in the middle of the afternoon.
            Well, there went my plans for the day!  But God had His own plan.  He was at work all day answering prayer.  I guess He needed me out of the way!  He found a home for a homeless girl, brought a weary soul into counseling, engaged a family to action to help a hurting member, and brought strength to some who needed to take a stand for Christ. 
            When my head hit the pillow that night all I could do was thank Him for working out His plan and answering so many prayers, even if my day seemed sidetracked.

            The secret to not becoming frustrated or inconvenienced by interruptions and delays is to view them as from His hand.  Unexpected events are not unexpected to God.  He works in ways we cannot see to accomplish things we never could.  Don’t get so determined in your own plans that you cannot give time to the Man you love.

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