Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Week Thirty-Six - The Navajo

Beside The Well

            I want to recommend a book.  Mondays with My Old Pastor by Jose Navajo.  The writer beautifully weaves his story and imparts truth as the young pastor in the book visits the retired pastor each Monday. 
            I don’t want to recount the entire book for you here.  I trust you will get yourself to Amazon and order a copy.  You won’t be disappointed.  But I do want to share with you just a few tid-bits, which found their way into my journal.
            “…sit every day at the feet of Christ, and then tell the world what you have seen.” (page 128) 
            Oh, how our perspectives change when we take time to look at them through the lens of God’s truth.  When we take time to sit each day at the feet of Christ and have a long talk with our Saviour we will have something to tell the world.  We can go forward with an enlarged purpose and a broader understanding of our daily mission.
            “Simply live with God.  The rest will happen by itself, and that will take care of all your worries.  Why should I worry?  It is not my responsibility to think about myself.  My responsibility is to think about God.  It’s God’s responsibility to think about me.”  (p 130)
             Did you catch that?  It is God’s responsibility to think about me?  Isn’t that amazing?  The God of the universe takes responsibility for me?  We think we take care of ourselves, yet all the while God is the one taking care.  He provides the air we breathe, the water we drink and the health we enjoy.  He keeps up with his responsibilities faithfully.  Worrying is a waste of time and a lack of faith.  Better to live simply with God.  Simple faith.  Simple trust.  Simple service.  Simple, uncomplicated love.  And leave the rest to God.
            Lord, “may your voice be my delight, and may I stop listening to my own torturing voice.  I want to spend a long time contemplating You so I can describe to the world what true beauty is.” (p 131)
            One last quote:  “I kneel down undone, but I always get up remade.”  (p 177)
           We, too, will be remade as we sit daily and deliberately at His feet, walk simply with our God and stop listening to our own torturing voices.
            Order the book for more!

Navajo, Jose, Mondays with my Old Pastor, Thomas Nelson, Nashville, 2012

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