Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week Twenty - Impossible


 “…With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26

A few years back we went through a full year of God proving what was truly possible with Him.  A part of our ministry had faced some truly serious challenges and there was no way humanly possible to sort things out, put things right, and come out with a good ending.  We had done all we could, but found ourselves facing a truly impossible situation.  Then, God stepped in.

He didn’t take the problem away, he just began solving things.  He moved us aside and showed that He was fully able to take care of His ministry.  It was then that I began to realize how much I was trying in my own strength to serve.  I had put my whole life into God’s service, but failed to see my true position.  I was simply a tool in His hands.  When I changed my stance from Christian leader to God’s tool, other things began to happen.

I found more joy.  I experienced more of God’s miraculous working.  I felt less stress and irrational responsibility.  I knew and felt a closer relationship of care and concern coming toward me from the Lord.  I also found myself pointing others to God’s ability instead of giving them my advice.

Impossible situations are just that – impossible.  And for me, that’s fine.  Because, God loves to work in impossible situations, for there He can truly show His greatness.  That year was amazing, but you know what?  God hasn’t stopped showing me His ability to bless above and beyond what I can comprehend.  And, he hasn’t stopped bringing impossible situations before me.  Only now, I just step back and let God work it out.

Are you facing an impossible situation?  Have you exhausted all of your resources trying to fix it?  Why not just surrender it over to the God of the Universe?  You can be sure He knows how to get it sorted, for with Him “all things are possible.”



“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  Luke 1:37

The Christmas story is full of impossible things – a virgin conceives, a barren woman is with child, angels speak directly to men, and the birth of God in human form.  All through the story we see God moving every event to bring His Son into this world, to protect him while an infant and to provide for these young parents.

We love this story and are not surprised by the involvement of the Almighty or the presence of angels.  Yet, we leave it there as a nice story for the holidays and fail to recognize that, just as all Scripture, it is there for our admonition and learning.

The truth is that God is just as involved in our lives today as he was with Mary and Joseph at the nativity.  He is moving and directing every event in our lives.  He is just as concerned about our protection and provision.  He is just as able to overcome insurmountable circumstances.  With God NOTHING shall be impossible.

If you take time to meditation on that simple statement, you will no doubt starting coming up with scenarios where you think God must not be able because things haven’t turned out the way you thought.  Well, those in the Christmas story might have occasion to feel the same way.  Mary never intended to be an unwed mother,  Zacharias never intended to go dumb, Joseph probably had no plan about moving to Egypt and both he and Mary would not have chosen to travel to Bethlehem so close to delivery nor have chosen to give birth to their first child in a stable.

Odd circumstances are not a sign that God is not working.  Rather, odd circumstances are the opportunity for us to see God at work.  I think the part we love about the Christmas story is the oddness of the situations and weaving them together to see the beauty of the Nativity.

We need to see our life as the same.  It is a weaving of odd situations and perplexing circumstances where all the while God is working to make what we see as impossible possible.

Are you facing odd circumstances?  Are you looking for the hand of God or throwing up your hands?  With God nothing is impossible….think about it!



“…it was impossible for God to lie…”  Hebrews 6:18

From the promise of a redeemer in Genesis to the promise of the restoration in Revelation we can know and believe that God is true and His Word will be fulfilled.  It is literally impossible for God to lie.  So when we read things in His Word that seem outrageous or extreme, we need only fall back on this foundational truth and rest in God’s ability to accomplish the impossible and to make all things work according to His plan.

He said he would love me…and he does.  He said he will provide for me…and he does.  He said he understands me…and he does.  I think we fail to believe that God is Truth.  Instead, we get so hung up in our problems that we begin to see them as truth.  Our eyes are on our situations instead of on our God.  We might know that God cannot lie, but we fail to see how that makes any real difference to our lives or to whatever we are facing.

The fact of the matter is that there is nothing we can face that is not based upon this truth.  God is TRUTH.  If we can get hold of this basic and foundational absolute, we will be able to look at life in a totally different way.

God will never lead us astray.  He will never fail to keep his promises.  He is totally and completely able to understand everything we are facing and he isn’t afraid.  He is honest in his actions toward us and will not withhold purpose and meaning if we will but ask.  He has no ulterior motive or hidden agenda.  He is upfront and clear about His intentions.  We struggle because we do not believe that God is good, he is love and He is truth.

Do you doubt God’s intentions toward you?  Do you think He cannot be trusted to understand or handle your situation?  Do you think that He is a trickster?  Better be adjusting your thoughts and submitting your heart and life to this truth.  It is impossible that he be any other way.

”…let God be true, but every man a liar…”  Romans 3:4 
He that hath received his testimony hath set to his seal that God is true.”  John 3:33 



“But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Hebrews 11:6

Think of all the things we do to try to please God.  We read our Bible, pray, attend church, deny ourselves various entertainments, subject ourselves to codes and practices, all in an attempt to prove to ourselves and others that we are good Christian, that we are pleasing to God.  Sadly, we are slow to learn that just as we came to God by faith alone, he expects no less and nothing more than faith as our daily walk and example of our relationship with him.  “…having begun in the Spirit are you now made perfect by the flesh?” (Galatians 3:3)

I’m not soliciting that we cast aside all Christian principles and practices, but rather, that we examine the motives behind our Christianity.  Without faith, we cannot please God.  Yea – it is impossible to please him in any other mode.

So, where does that leave us?  I have found that God is little impressed with what I do for him.  Rather, his fondest embrace is reserved for those times when I am simply alone with Him; times when my heart is childlike and fully trusting.  Times when I become aware that He is real enough to almost touch; when His goodness, holiness and beauty overtake my soul.  Only when my service is based in this deep love and submission is anything of real value accomplished or found pleasing to Him. 

Here is Hebrews 11 we read the works of men and women of faith.  If you take time to read the chapter you will see that though God lists their works, he impresses upon us the fact that they all believed God to be real and fully able to work in their lives.  This trust, this faith, was the basis of their lives and was exhibited in the outflow.

What is exhibited in your life?  Are you going through the motions, but have no real sense of the Master?  Do you understand that faith and works go together, but that faith is the underpinning truth and motivation?  Is God real enough that you could almost touch him?  It is impossible to please him any other way.



“And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”  Luke 18:27

Throughout my life I have been told that the things I desired to do were not possible.  I wanted to be an architect.  My Dad said, “Girls can’t be architects.”  I wanted to join the army.  My Dad said, “Girls don’t do things like that.”  So, I got married and was told, “Your marriage won’t last more than 18 months.” 

Then, I started Bible College and was told, “You can’t do that, you have three small children.”  And, as we went on to the mission field, some said, “They will never last.”

I’m so glad I didn’t listen to all the negative voices in my life.  They each thought the choices I was making were impossible.  I didn’t become an architect, though I know now that it would not have been impossible.  And, I didn’t join the Army – Praise God.  But I did join the Lord’s Army!  My marriage has passed the 40 year mark, I completed Bible College and later went on to get a Masters and the mission field is still my home.

Negative voices are scattered throughout our lives.  We make the choice as to how much weight they hold in our lives.  We make the choice to say we will trust and believe God, or halt and yield.  It isn’t a matter of rebellion or ignoring good advice, it is a matter of keeping your eyes on the Lord and believing that your dreams are possible inside the will of God.  I believe God plants the image of what He desires for our lives into our hearts.  We might not be able to fully verbalize them, but they give us aspiration to move forward with the Lord.  Following them is what some people refer to as following your heart.  I prefer to call it following the Lord.

Do you have aspirations?  Is there a path you believe God has for you?  Negative voices will try to hinder you by telling you it is impossible.  Get with The Voice and let Him show you the next possible step.



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